Release Date: September 2, 2017
ISBN: 9781632280596
eISBN: 9781632280602

by Laura Pritchett

Death is a great and grand mystery, and the actual act of dying is the last physical act of our lives. We can do it well, like a graceful well-rehearsed piano solo or free throw, or we can do it herky-jerky like the klutzes we delightful humans can sometimes be. But if anything deserves our full attention, some preparation, or some renewed clarity, death might be it.

In this light-hearted, irreverant exploration of the one thing that is certain, Pritchett offers a look at all the uncertainty that precedes this final act. In a compelling mix of practical how-to advice and personal narrative, this book captures one person’s adventures to make peace with her greatest nemesis: death. She offers up wisdom from her obsessive search, which has included a decade of normal research (seminars, interviews, and retreats) and a lifetime of other related pursuits (digging up a dead body, necropsying her pet dog on the lawn, abandoning an MRI machine, taking flying lessons, and undergoing genetic testing).

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About the author Laura Pritchett

Laura Pritchett is the author of five novels and the recipient of the PEN USA Award, the Milkweed National Fiction Prize, the High Plains Book Award, the Willa Award, and others. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, O Magazine, Salon, High Country News, The Millions, Publisher’s Weekly, The Sun, and many others. She holds a PhD from Purdue University and teaches around the country. You can find...

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