ISBN: 9781573443562
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Feisty First Ladies and Other Unforgettable White House Women

by Autumn Stephens

First ladies are supposed to be dignified background figures, quietly supportive of their husbands' agendas. Above all, they're not supposed to act out or cause even a whiff of scandal. Of course, reality often overrides conventional wisdom, and this book shows how far from the prim ideal many of the Presidents' wives have strayed. Part irreverent portrait gallery, part exuberant expose, Feisty First Ladies and Other Unforgettable White House Women introduces a remarkable array of wild women, from Martha Washington, who opposed her own husband's presidential election; to Abraham Lincoln's eccentric wife, Mary; to rebellious daughters like Patti Davis who were the tabloid fodder of their day. Laugh-out-loud funny and filled with amazing stranger-than-fiction facts from our American history, Feisty First Ladies journeys into the realm of the eclectic sisterhood whose outrageous words and deeds have rocked the fusty old foundations of the White House — and the nation!

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About the author Autumn Stephens

AUTUMN STEPHENS is the author of the bestselling and groundbreaking Wild Women series. She runs a very popular writing workshop series in the Bay Area and has been featured in Glamour, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the New York Times.

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