Release Date: September 08, 2020
ISBN: 9781632280701
eISBN: 9781632281265

Winning Conditions: How to Achieve the Professional Success You Deserve by Managing the Details That Matter

by Christine Hofbeck

Here is a joyful, insightful, and empowering guide about delivering your work and ideas so that they (and you!) are more likely to be recognized, accepted, and celebrated.

According to Christine, highly successful men and women aren’t born successful. They have to work to become that way. It isn’t necessarily who is the smartest or who works the longest or who has the best skills or the most innovative ideas that succeeds. Success is influenced by the manner in which you share or present yourself and your work. Success can be achieved by creating the right “winning conditions,” a framework that allows you to control the conditions around effort and improve outcomes. Chapters here include:

Develop Your Conscious Awareness
Accommodate Different Perspectives
Match Communication Styles
Understand Motivations for Change
Define Your Own Value
Celebrate Kindness and Integrity
And more!

Christine Hofbeck rose to fame as a competitor on the hit television show Survivor, but her work as an actuary and analytics expert gives her the expertise to teach you how to achieve success in your chosen field. Christine is a trailblazer in the business world where she has proven that her methods of playing to win work.

Christine explains that successful men and women succeed not simply because they deliver a winning work product or idea, but also because they deliver their work or idea in a winning way. By consciously implementing these ideas, you'll see your colleagues and customers respond more positively to you and your great work. Small improvements in delivery can result in substantial improvements in outcome. Your strong reputation and overall success will grow. You will begin to win.

With Winning Conditions, you can show the world what you're capable of: more than you ever thought possible.

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About the author Christine Hofbeck

Christine Hofbeck is an actuary and analytics expert who has been named a pioneer and trailblazer in her field. An in-demand keynote speaker, she has a large established platform driven by extensive television, magazine and radio coverage including, in 2017, appearing on the hit reality television show SURVIVOR. Christine is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and MIT, and lives in NJ with her husband and three children. Learn...

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Books by Christine Hofbeck

 "The easy-to-follow presentation and encouraging tone may be just what’s needed for readers doing the work but not reaping the reward. . ."

— Publishers Weekly


"I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chrissy navigate her way through a complex and demanding season of Survivor. After reading her book, it’s clear why she was able to successfully defy the odds and make it to the end of a game that requires deep strategy and understanding of people and relationships. And she handled herself with absolute grace every single day. Her wealth of insight throughout these pages, combined with fun anecdotes and an ethically strong foundation, provide winning conditions for anyone in or out of the business world. Definitely a must-read.”

— Jeff Probst, Emmy-Award winning host and executive producer of Survivor


Inspiring. Relatable. Compelling. Simple. Christine shares practical strategies for winning in the workplace and in life.” 
— Lori Dickerson Fouché, CEO TIAA Financial Solutions 
"Hofbeck had me from the start. She points to our inherent ability to author our own winning realities by encouraging people to respond to their potentiated, yet unexpressed parts; to casually and pragmatically hang out at the edge between who they think they are and who they might become, all the while assuring you (from the data of her own compelling experience) that on that edge there’s so much life!"
— Dr. Tara Victor, PhD, ABPP, Clinical Neuropsychologist & Professor of Psychology, California State University  

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