Release Date: February 14, 2023
ISBN: 9781632280855
eISBN: 9781632281425

Little Book of Anthropology

by Rasha Barrage

If you’re intrigued by the question “What makes us human?”, strap in for this whirlwind tour of the highlights of anthropology. . .
From the first steps of our prehistoric ancestors, to the development of complex languages, to the intricacies of religions and cultures across the world, diverse factors have shaped the human species as we know it. Anthropology strives to untangle this fascinating web of history to work out who we were in the past, what that means for human beings today and who we might be tomorrow.

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About the author Rasha Barrage

Rasha Barrage studied law at Oxford University and completed a master's at the University of Toronto. She worked for the United Nations Development Program before going on to train and work as a lawyer for eight years. 

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