Release Date: June 13, 2023
ISBN: 9781632280862
eISBN: 9781632281432

How to be Present: Embrace the Art of Mindfulness to Discover Peace and Joy Every Day

by Sophie Golding

Discover the art of being present. Filled with simple advice and inspiring quotes, this book will show you how to appreciate each moment, helping you to live more every day.

To experience happiness and fulfillment day to day, you don’t need to change your life – you simply need to be present in it.
Through a collection of easy-to-follow tips, this book will show you how to shift your mindset and live more fully in the moment. Over the course of its chapters, you will learn how to:

—Incorporate mindfulness practices into your day
—Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
—Strengthen the connection between your mind and body
—Find joy, wonder and gratitude in every day

There are so many moments worth cherishing in our daily lives, and when you focus on the now, they’re yours to find. So dive into these beautiful pages and give yourself the gift of being present every day.


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About the author Sophie Golding

Sophie Golding is a writer and artist living in West Sussex. She enjoys meditation, sea swimming and the great outdoors.

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