Release Date: May 21, 2024
ISBN: 9781632280930
eISBN: 9781632281210

Home and Alone

by Daniel Stern

Beginning with his film debut in Breaking Away, Daniel Stern has grown up on-screen before our very eyes. His connection with audiences is cemented in movies like Home Alone and City Slickers, and in his debut memoir, Home and Alone, he is the Everyman narrator on a ride into the human side of Hollywood. Buckle up and experience what it’s like driving Robert Redford in his Porsche at 100 mph, or stripping down for a nude scene in front of a group of total strangers. Share the out-of-body moments of flying alone with Mel Gibson on his jet to Las Vegas and smashing a fake mustache onto Gary Busey’s face while cursing him out on the pitcher’s mound of Wrigley Field in front of a sellout crowd. Join him in his triumphant stories like conquering his dyslexia as the voice of The Wonder Years, and his terrifying ones like being sued for $25 million by CBS and Columbia pictures. Touching and hysterical, often at the same time, Stern gives readers a peek at the highs and lows of a Hollywood career, and a closer look at the movies they love and the people who make them.

Inspiring as it is humorous, Stern weaves a compelling tale of an artistic hippie-child of the 60’s, who by age thirteen had hitchhiked his way across the Eastern half of the U.S.A. By age seventeen he had dropped out of high school and was living on his own in New York, and by nineteen he was starting a family of his own. His insights into marriage, children, parents and parenting are not only hilarious, but packed with subtle wisdom. But the real surprises are in Stern's off-screen roles as a bronze sculptor, cattle rancher, avocado farmer and public servant. The hard work and commitment he has put into his on-screen successes are applied with the same intensity to every aspect of his life. From creating monumental public art projects and founding a Boys & Girls Club to visiting troops in Iraq and learning to birth a cow, he has lived it all. Home and Alone is for anyone who needs reminding that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

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About the author Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern is well known for his roles in Home Alone, City Slickers, Breaking Away, Diner, Whip It, Very Bad Things, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Blue Thunder. He created the role of "The Narrator" for the iconic TV show, The Wonder Years, and directed the fantasy baseball movie Rookie of the Year. He is currently starring in Apple TV’s For All Mankind and is set to direct and star...

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Books by Daniel Stern

Stern’s life, from a dyslexic child to a successful movie actor, is fascinating. Mixing behind-the-scenes insights from iconic movies with witty accounts of interactions with Hollywood A-listers creates a top-notch celebrity memoir. 

—Library Journal


One thing about Danny is he’s always home, but never alone. His brilliant talent as an actor has been on display for decades, but it's the creative drive and curiosity and stretching of his many talents that will inspire readers as he opens up about his remarkable life.  I also know him as a wonderful husband, father and now grandfather and friend. . .oh yeah, he’s become a terrific sculptor in his spare time and his generosity and dedication to those in need is remarkable. I could keep going but why? Read this wonderful memoir by a real Renaissance Man. 


—Billy Crystal 


I have known Daniel for many years, and I am still in awe of his accomplishments as an actor and artist. In my opinion, he was the real star during our collaborations on Home Alone one and two. He definitely took on the more difficult scenes that required physical exertion and the real threat of bodily harm. I still watch Home Alone specifically to see Daniel. His screams alone make me laugh every  time. Aside from his incredible acting talent, I have grown to know Daniel as a loving and caring family man, a passionate artist and humanitarian. I am proud to call Daniel my friend, and him the very best with his new book.


—Joe Pesci


Danny Stern has the heart and mind of an artist. His empathy, curiosity and creativity make him an incredible scene partner and fantastic friend. I always love hearing about his latest artistic endeavors, including his biography!  Congratulations, Danny!


—Laurie Metcalf

If you’re interested in Danny Stern’s life, I suggest you read this book. If you don’t care about him, read it anyway. Lotta good stories about famous people. 


—Rob Reiner


It is no surprise that Danny Stern has written a book as delightful, thoughtful and funny as he is. His extraordinary professionalism, as the actor we all know and love, has translated into his work as a memoirist. You will love him even more now. 


—Rita Wilson 

Let me say this: I have read a lot of memoirs and Danny Stern’s is by far the most recent! But more than that, Danny is one of the wisest, most open-hearted and talented guys I’ve ever known and not surprisingly, his story is filled with  so many great stories—funny, smart, touching and insightful. Read it for yourself and see. You will thank me.


—Paul Reiser


. . . I loved this page turner of a memoir. It’s so fun to follow Danny on this crazy journey to pursue his art. And while so many before and after him have chased the same dream no one has done it quite like Daniel Stern. I think readers will be surprised by the twists and turns of his life and his art, but also be moved by his devotion to his family and to the greater good.


—Kevin Bacon

Danny Stern is a genuine showbiz survivor. He's seen it all, been through everything, worked with the best (and the worst) in our business and emerged with his dignity, soul and sense of humor intact. He's also one of the kindest and funniest men I've ever met. It's a madcap journey Danny's been on and I'm glad readers will now get a chance to share it with him. So dive in with my statuesque friend and enjoy! 

—John Logan, Academy Award Winning Screenwriter: Gladiator, Skyfall, The Aviator 


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